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Enaya Carpets



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Enaya Rugs:

Carpet Showroom in Dubai : One of the best carpet Showroom in dubai Enaya Rugs. The hand Tufted carpet is our ability to provide customers with the option of creating custom, hand-tufted carpets. Hand-tufted carpets are among the most luxurious, creative and artistic in the world of carpet production. Several factors contribute to their luxuriousness, including artistic design, yarn content and fine detailing and finishing techniques. At The Hand tufted carpet we primarily use high quality 100% wool for our Hand Tufted carpets, most being manufactured with 100% New Zealand wool yarn. Other yarns such as nylon, cotton and viscose, are also be incorporated from time to time as required.

Accents in silk or bamboo add a lush, rich sheen when used in tandem with wool and add striking detail to carpets. Merino and semi-worsted wool yarns are also available. These yarns are finer and are used for more intricate design detail including petit point loop and low tight cut-pile constructions, making for an extremely smooth, soft and durable surface. A Hand tufted Carpet are becoming more popular these days due to their unique concept of manufacturing keeping the aesthetic values intact. India is an emerging and one of the most competitive markets when it comes to manufacturing the best quality hand-tufted carpets as well as hand-knotted carpets.

Carpet Showroom in Dubai i : The rich historical value which is intact in India is also reflected in the art form which is portrayed on the carpets, thus providing it unmatchable elegance and quality. First of all, let’s understand what exactly Hand Tufted Carpets are and then we will get towards the expansion of. Hand Tufted carpets are made using an entirely different process than Hand-knotted carpets, as many of us might think that both are kind of same. Let’s know the differences between both techniques.

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