Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rugs Customisation ?

The advance rug fabrication process in which you can customize a rug by simply choosing our design and alter the shape, size, color, pile, texture, density and material as per your requirements or you can make a rug completely of your own design. After all, there is a lots of that you can do with a rug and our team is here to make it happen for you.

What is Enaya sample package?

It is a complete package which provides a perfect solution for a carpet lover. We provide 5 Architect boxes from our lavish ranges ASMARA, BENIN, BERN, HOSPITALITY & ZURIK. You can choose your quality and style of carpet from our sample bunch and can also choose your design from our catalogue file. We also introduce to you a 400 shades Color Box to complete the package. The color box helps you to decide the exact shade of your favorite color. With Enaya Package, we try to achieve your Dreams into Reality

How to Purchase Enaya Sample Kits?

We offer Enaya Package as a whole package. In the whole package, we offer our 4 Architect boxes from our lavish ranges ASMARA, BENIN, BERN, HOSPITALITY, ZURIK and a 400 shade color box. Purchase of color box is optional. One can purchase the entire Enaya Package or just our 5 Architect boxes.
To purchase please contact us for Exact Quotes.

Which kinds of products can be customized at Enaya Rugs?

At Enaya can customized the following articles as per required shape, size, design & colors 
1. Hand-tufted (HT450, HT550 & HT650) in Wool, Real silk, Bamboo silk, Viscose, Tencil, Silk Rayon, Jute, PET, and Nylon etc.
2. Hand-knotted (All kind of knots like Tibetan, Persian & Turkish) in Wool, Real silk, Bamboo silk, Viscose& Tencil
3. Hand-loom (HT450, HT550, HT650) in Wool, Real silk, Bamboo silk, Viscose& Tencil
4. Flat-weaves (Hand-woven Durrie, Kelim, Sumak, Sasil Rug, Digital printed and Screen Printed)
5. Braided Rugs in Natural Jute, Dyed Jute, Woolen, Cotton and Recycled materials.
6. Printed/Plain Loom knotted (Double Back Hand loom) In Bamboo silk, Viscose, Tencil and Real silk.
7. Broadloom (Hand-tufted & Handloom) in Wool, Real silk, Bamboo silk, Viscose, Tencil, Silk Rayon, Jute, PET, and Nylon etc.
8. Home Furnishing Articles – Cushions, Pouf, Throw, Bathmat, Curtain etc.
9. Sample kits and Customized Color Boxes.To purchase please contact us for Exact Quotes.

How many nos. of colors can be used in Enaya Hand-tufted & Hand-knotted rugs?

In rug customization there are no limitations in colors use but if nos. of colors increases design complexity and rug prices may affect. As per design suitability and weaving possibility we can use up to 30 colors in a specific rug.

Which kinds of weaving techniques and textures can be processed in Enaya Handmade rugs?

At Enaya we are producing the rugs in various techniques which are combination of Traditional concepts followed by modern weaving techniques –
1. Hand-tufted, Hand-loom & Loom-Knotted (HT450, HT550 & HT650) – Full loop, Full Cut, Combination of Loop-Cut, Tip Sheared, Multi-level High-low, Light carving, Engraving, 3-D Special emboss, Contour Carving, Abrash dyed etc.
2. Hand-knotted (All kind of knots like Tibetan, Persian & Turkish)- Full loop, Full Cut, Combination of Loop-Cut, Tip Sheared, Multi-level High-low, Light carving, Engraving, Contour Carving, Abrash dyed etc.
3. Flat-weaves (Hand-woven Durrie, Kelim, Sumak, Sasil Rug) – Plain, Geometric, Ply mixed, Abrash Dyed effect, Stone washed , Printed etc.
4. Home Furnishing Articles (Cushions, Pouf, Throw, Bathmat & Curtain) – Plain, Design, Printed and stone washed with antique finish.

What standard size can be possible by Enaya in-house production setup?

In Broadloom we can be processed the rug width up to 1150 cm according to the 40 feet container capacity but due to the easy handling and economic shipping point of view we have standardized the rug dimension and stick to 400×800 cm to avoid any inconvenience during shipping and handling.
If client has no issue with shipping charge we can produce the max. Width on Broadloom rug suitable with bulk container. Generally we prefers for splitting of rugs in best possible ways which can easily install at customer sites without any seams visibility.

Can Enaya rugs customize Home furnishing articles? If yes, for which items?

Yes, at Enaya we can customized the home furnishing articles like Cushion, Poufs, Bathmats,Throws,Curtains and wall hanging etc

Which kinds of materials are used for Enaya customized rugs?

At Enaya we are using various types of material oriented by Natural, Regenerated & Synthetic methods –
1. Natural Fibers Yarn – Jute, Linen, Hemp, New Zealand Wool, Pure silk, Cotton etc.
2. Regenerated Fibers Yarn – Viscose, Silk Rayaon, Bamboo silk, Tencil etc.
3. Synthetic Fibers Yarn – Recycled PET, Nylon, Polypropylene, Acrylic etc

What are the basic difference between Real silk, bamboo silk, Viscose & Tencil?

All are differentiate by each other by their source of origin, construction, spinning techniques and fiber strengths 

1. Bamboo Silk not just looks like silk but also has alike texture. However, bamboo silk is a reasonable alternative of natural silk. Bamboo as a plant is extremely sustainable and so is the fabric as compared to natural silk. Bamboo Silk is a kind of viscose as both are made from the phloem part of the tree. Both Bamboo silk and viscose are made of cellulose. Even the process of making the fiber is similar in both the cases. The only difference is that viscose was as a matter of course made from wood cellulose while Bamboo silk was made from bamboo tree cellulose. In both cases the woody part of the tree is treated to break the outer walls into a soggy material so that the fiber can be disentangled and spun into yarn after being combined with other components. Hence Bamboo silk shares a lot in common with Viscose.
2. Bamboo silk and Tencil are two similar textile fibers in the way they are grown and processed. At Respecters, we work with both of those textiles. Those two fibers are derived from sustainably grown trees without insecticides and pesticides (Unlike cotton which uses 25% of world’s pesticide). They grow with little water on lands that are not suitable for agriculture. The resulting fabrics have similar properties in terms of softness, durability and quality. However, there are three significant differences from similar, but distinct, process used to transform the wood into textile fibers –
(i) The Solvent – Sodium Hydroxide Solvent used For Bamboo silk while N-methylmorpholine N-oxide Solvent used for Tencil to dissolve wood in textile fiber.
(ii) Water recovery – In Bamboo silk process require water as a solvent and may not good for water footprint while in Tencil processing which guarantees that 99% of the water and solvent used are recovered and reused again and good for water foot print.
(iii) Required Blend – Bamboo silk is Blend of 67% bamboo pulp & 27% Organic cotton while in case of Tencil doesn’t need to blend (92% Tencil from wooden pulp + 8% Spandex for durability and comfort).

3. Rather than Silk is totally different from all of the above, is a natural fiber. Real silk does not come from a mixture of chemicals or the spinning of sheep’s wool. On the contrary, it is created by insects. Caterpillars, worms, and even some crickets make the cocoons from which we derive silk proteins. Most of the silk we buy online and in stores comes from silk moth caterpillars. These caterpillars create delicate cocoons out of silk fiber, much like a spider spinning a web with her own “silk.” Commercial silk producers breed these caterpillars (also known as silkworms) to produce white silk thread. When the cocoons are collected, they unravel in one long thread, which ensures that nearly all of the thread can be utilized and woven into strong cloth and rugs.

What will be average durability of Enaya Rugs for Hand-tufted, Handloom, Hand-knotted and flat-woven qualities?

Basically Rug durability is depends on their general care, if you really loves your rug then it’s obvious that life of you rug will increase.
At Enaya as per standard testing parameters followed by Care manuals we have standardized rug life as per their qualities –
Hand-tufted – 2-3 Years
Handloom – 2-3 Years
Hand-Knotted – 5-8 Years
Flat-weaves -3-5 Years

How much time will take to create an artwork as per client designs & size requirements?

For geometric and repeat patter we can complete the artworks In single days while in case of Persian and antique pattern it will take maximum 3 working day to finish.

What is std. lead-time and transit time by Enaya rugs as per order Quantity & Destinations?

Lead time of a project always depends on order quantity and if more the order quantity bit more time will be required but as per customer priority we have standardized the lead time for Hand-tufted, Handloom and Flat-weaves as following –
*Order quantity below than 100 SQM – 45 Days from order confirmation date
* Order quantity near about 500 SQM – 65 Days from order confirmation date
*Order quantity near about 1000 SQM – 75 Days from order confirmation date
*Order quantity near about 1500 SQM – 85 Days from order confirmation date
For hand-knotted quality lead time is depend on Knots quality and design complexity and also varies by size by size so it will confirm after inquiry.

Similarly the transit time of rug will depend on mode of shipment and distance of destination country. As per our previous shipping experience the standard transit time according to the mode & destinations as follows –
Middle-East – 5 Days by Air & 20 Weeks by Sea
Europe – 7 Days by Air & 45 Days by Sea
USA – 7 Days by Air & 40 Days by Sea
Note –These are the std. transit time without any Custom and Duty delay.

Enaya certifications and compliances?

By virtue of our high standard infra-structure, we have been awarded quite a few worldwide recognized certifications from International Organizations –
1. SA: 8000:2014
2. ISO: 9000:2015
3. Sedex
4. Good Weave
5. Dun & Bradstreet
6. Care & fair

Does Enaya rugs provides Installation services as well?

Yes, At Middle-east region our installation team is based in Dubai who provides the rug installment service as per customer requirement.

Does Enaya rugs participates in International trade Shows?

Yes, from a decade we have had participated in various of international rug trade shows Like Domotex Germany, Domotex USA, Domotex China, Nook Singapore, AIFF Australia & Japan Tex etc.