Rug Care & Maintenance

General Rug Care & Maintenance Instructions For Enaya Rugs?

Important Points Of Care, Cleaning & Maintenance Which Are Necessary To Follow During Rug Use:

Always Use A Non Slip-Pad Or Underlay -

Always Use A Non-Slip Pad Under Wall-To-Wall Rugs. The Non-Slip Pad, A Mesh Mat That Is Laid On The Floor And Simply Placed Underneath The Rug Without The Need To Stick It Or Sew It To The Rug, Is Vital For The Following Reasons:

  1. 1. To Secures Your Rug To The Floor And Prevents The Rug From Moving, Providing More Safety For Everyday Use.
  2.  To Protects The Rug From The Weight Of Furniture And Provides Added Thickness, Making The Rug More Plush And Comfortable.
  3.  It Helps To Keep The Rug Clean By Sending Dust Or Sand And Low Frictional Force Generates During Vacuum Which Can Be Protect From Pile Damage.

Regular Gentle Vacuuming -

Give Your Rug An Once-Over With A Vacuum. Just To Make Sure All Loose Particles Are Removed, It’s Smart To Give Your Rug A Quick Vacuum Before You Get To Getting Those Pesky Stains Out Of It. You Should Be Regularly Vacuuming Your Rug To Keep Dirt From Building Up.Often New Rugs Begin To Produce Fluff As A Result Of Loose Fibers That Remain In The Rug After The Manufacturing Process. This Is Not A Fault Of The Rug, But A Standard Characteristic Of Woolen Rugs. With Regular Vacuuming This Will Reduce Over Time. Remember: Over-Vacuuming Will Only Increase Rug Shedding And Damage The Wool Fibers.

Vacuum The Rug In A “V” Action To Alternate The Vacuum’s Direction And Prevent Crushing The Fibers Of The Wool Rug. Repeat This 3 Times Over The Rug.
Regular Vacuuming Can Reduce The Abrasive Action Of Soil And Grit From The Pile And Should Take Place Even When The Rug Does Not Look Overly Dirty. A Good Quality Vacuum Cleaner Is Recommended To Remove Dust And Dirt From Such Rug. We Suggest Avoiding Powerful Vacuums Or Power Heads As Stiff Bristles And Strong Suction Can Damage The Pile. Vacuum As Needed Using Suction Only, No Bristles. Choose Upright Or Canister Vacuum Cleaners With A Rotating Beater Bar/Brush. Empty The Vacuums Dust Bag Once It Is Half Full To Ensure Proper Suction.
Regular Gentle Vacuuming Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Rug’s Health. Vacuuming (Even Without The Roller Brush) Removes Most Particles From The Rug’s Pile, Which Often Means Removing The Various Smells That Accompany Them. Whether Or Not Vacuuming Will Address The Root Cause Of Odor, It’s Always A Good Place To Start.Categorized Vacuum Plan According To Traffic Exposure High Traffic- Vacuum Daily (Extremely High Traffic Lanes May Require Vacuuming Several Times Daily).
Medium Traffic – Vacuum Two To Three Times Weekly Light Traffic – Vacuum Weekly
Regular Gentle Vacuuming Can Be Protect The Rugs By Pills Generation, Shedding And Odors Issues.

Clean Spills & Spots Immediately –

Prevent Long Term Stains In The First Place By Removing Them Immediately After They Occur. The Prompt Removal Of Stains/Soil Marks Is Necessary To Maintain Your Rugs Appearance. If Stains Are Not Dealt With Immediately They May Become Permanent And Even A Professional Cleaner May Be Unable To Help. Spills Should Be Cleaned Immediately. Never Rub A Spill, Instead Blot Any Liquids With A Dry Absorbent White Cloth Or White Paper Towel. For Many Stains, Scrubbing Them With A Diluted Water And Vinegar Mixture Normally Does The Trick. Some Stains May Be Cleaned With A Mild Detergent And Lukewarm Water. Spot Clean As Needed Using A Damp (Not Wet) Cloth With Plain Water; Don’t Use Soap Or Cleaning Products, As They Could Damage Or Fade The Rug. If The Stain Cannot Be Removed, Like A Paint, Nail Polish, Shoe Polish, Seek Specialist Advice. Do Not Machine Wash Rugs.

For Best Results On Handspun Wool, Remove Any Solid Matter By Gently Scooping With A Rounded Spoon. Absorb As Much Of The Stain As Possible With A Clean Dry, White Towel Or Cloth. Gently Press Don’t Rub Working From Outside In To Avoid Spreading. Once The Area Is Completely Dry, Vacuum. Solid Substances Should Be Removed Using A Flat Blade Or Spatula. Afterward, Consult A Professional.
Test A Small Area; If The Stain Remains, Use A Mild Detergent To Blot The Area Or Gently Rub Until The Stain Starts To Lift. Rinse Thoroughly With Clean Water And Let Air Dry.

 How To Remove Coffee And Tea Stains From Rug? –
 Use Paper Towels Or A Rag To Soak Up Extra Liquid, Then Blot And Remove The Stain With A Dish Soap And Water Solution. Dab The Area Dry.

 How To Remove Red Wine Stains From Rug? –
To Remove A Red Wine Stain, Blot Up Extra Liquid With A Paper Towel. Then, Mix Dish Soap, White Vinegar, And Water To Create A Stain Solution. Spray Or Dab The Stain With The Mixture, And Blot Until The Stain Is Removed.

Avoid Direct Sunlight –

Placing Rugs In Direct And Continuous Sunlight (Or To Any Other Intense Light Such As Halogen Bulbs) Will Cause Them To Fade. It Is Best To Avoid Placing A Rug In Direct Sunlight (Or High Intense Light) If Possible. Fading Will Happen Slowly Over Time, And This Bleaching Effect Will Permanently Damage Your Rug. It Occurs More Obviously With Darker Colored Rugs And Natural Fibers. Also Some Colors May Transfer On Light Colored Surfaces.

Most Modern Windows Are Low-E And Mostly Eliminate This Problem. Older Windows May Be Coated With UV Blocking Film Or Curtains/Blinds/Screens To Minimize This Problem.

Avoid Heavy & Sharp Edge Furniture Mark –

Be Aware That Some Heavy Furniture Can Mark And Flatten The Pile In Rugs, Causing Irreversible Damage. Some Heavy Or Sharp Edged Furniture Pieces, Or Constant Moving Of Furniture, Can Pull The Rug Out Of Shape So It Appears Less Square. In Such Condition Use Rug Protectors Under The Legs Of Heavy Furniture To Avoid Flattening Of Your Rug Pile.

Professional Rug Cleaning Once Every 6-12 Months –

Rugs And Carpets Trap Allergens And Bacteria, Aggravating Allergies And Increasing The Chance Of Contracting Colds And Flu. The Easiest Way To Improve Indoor Air Quality Is To Clean The Allergens And Bacteria From Your Carpet. Dirt And Grit Abrades The Fibers Of Your Rug Or Carpet, Decreasing Its Longevity And Degrading The Color. Don’t Let Hidden Soil Grind The Beauty Out Of Your Carpet. Try To Have Your Rugs Professionally Cleaned Once Every 6-12 Months, Using A Professional Carpet/Rug Cleaner. Though Vacuuming Can Remove Some Dirt, Professional Cleaning Is Much More Effective. Professional Cleaning Should Be Carried Out Only By A Reputable Company, And They Should Avoid Using Any Shampoos Or Cleaners With A Spirit Base.It Is The Best Option To Clean The Carpet When You Want To Increase The Life Of The Carpet. Professionals Will Take Better Care Of Cleaning Process In Cost Effective Way Without Harming The Environment And Health Of The Person.

Avoid Any Fiber-Guard Protection Or Treatment On Our Rugs –

Please Do Not Apply Any Stain-Resistant/Fiber-Guard On Our Hand Tufted Rugs. It May Damage The Rug Softness, Texture, And Durability.According To Our Earlier Testing Reports Fiber-Guarding Was Not Successful For Tufted Woolen Piles And Also Affecting Some Ideal Properties Of Our Woolen Rugs.